Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Endurance Ride Volunteers Needed

From: Kathy Longacre [mailto:kll50@sbcglobal.net

 The 2nd Annual Montana de Oro Endurance ride is scheduled for Saturday June 5th and we need volunteers.  We had such good volunteer support last year SLOPOST made almost $4,000.00 that went back into trail maintenance and tools in MdO State Park. 

Plus we did quite a bit of multi-use pre-ride  (mt.bikers and equestrians) trail work that the trails were NOT impacted at all by the ride, and in fact were "photo documented" to be in better shape post-ride, this is known as the "PAY IT FORWARD" endurance ride.

And we were voted "best ride food" in AERC magazine because Coast Mounted Assistance and other volunteers brought desserts and side dishes to compliment the delicious bbq.

We need volunteers for:
  • trail monitors at the tricky intersections and the road crossings, you can sign up for 3 hour shift
  • a few more P&R people to help at the vet stops
  • 2 people to help with parking and volunteer food on Friday
  • 1-3 person to help Kathy Longacre with food shopping, making volunteer sandwiches, and organizing the potluck
  • We also need people to bring pot luck side dishes and desserts for the Saturday night (June5) dinner
  • Trail work on 2 more Friday afternoons before the ride- we start at 2-2:30 and finish about 5:30-6pm contact  Debby Lyon if you are interested in helping.
 Please let Debby Lyon know if you are available to help Saturday June 5 at   debbyly@aol.com
Let Kathy Longacre know if you can help with the potluck, parking or assisting in shopping and preparing volunteer food at   kll50@sbcglobal.netThank you

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